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You know your business better than anyone. So, you know how difficult and downright PAINFUL it can be to try to do and be EVERYTHING to everyone everyday! From marketing to billing, from scheduling to follow up, it seems IMPOSSIBLE to reclaim your career.


Admit clients to the level of care they need, earn 175% of the Medicare Reimbursement Rate as part of a TEAM of professionals that provide ALL LEVELS of CARE and handles everything from marketing to insurance claims, and LOVE LIFE AGAIN!

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The WAVE International offers world-class programs at state-of-the-art treatment centers that help heal the mind, body, and spirit, and teach how to create and sustain a happy, healthy environment – inside and out!

We want to help as many people as possible who are in NEED. AHHA! allows us to do that!

As a Treatment Team Member of The WAVE – Florida Mental Health or Dual Diagnosis – Treatment Centers, you will admit clients directly into facilities that can help them AND coordinate care in-person or via video conference and GET PAID!

Is AHHA! Right for you? Are you a:

  • Therapist
  • Pain Management Facility or M.D.
  • Social Worker
  • Psychologist
  • OB/GYN (for postpartum depression)
  • Physician who see patients with psychological disorders
  • Mental Health Professional

It’s Fast and Easy! Start Today With 3 Steps!


Sign Up to Become an AHHA! Team Member


Fill out and Upload Industry-Standard Documents, and Admit Clients to One of Our Treatment Centers (like a physician admits patients to hospitals)


Provide Care to Your Clients In-Person or via Video Conference While They Are Under Our Care & You’re Compensated at 175% of the Medicare Reimbursement Rate for Your Time and Services as Part of Our Treatment Team

As a member of the AHHA Treatment Team, you will participate in the plan of care for each client you admit to The WAVE.

The WAVE International’s Treatment Team will help ensure that your client returns to you for outpatient therapy when he or she has completed their care with us!

STOP the pain today and call us at (855) 268-1007

*Restrictions apply. Rates and details available upon request.

**Mental Health Professionals who provide direct therapeutic care in the AHHA! program must be licensed by the state of Florida. However, non-Florida licensed Mental Health Professionals can still participate in the AHHA program and receive compensation for their services in a Care Coordinator role.

AHHA Members

Clinical Social Worker
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Jill A. Fischer Peters Linkedin Twitter Facebook Envelope Jill A. Fischer Peters LCSW is a female clinical social worker in
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Clinical Social Worker
Jill A. Fischer Peters
Jill A. Fischer Peters Linkedin Twitter Facebook Envelope Jill A. Fischer Peters LCSW is a female clinical social worker in
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